Let’s talk nutrition

How many of us actually eat 7-13 servings of raw fruits and vegetables every day?  How about berries?

Think about it, really think.

I usually start my day off with a bowl of cereal – on the odd day adding a handful of berries or a chopped banana.  At lunch, sometimes I may have a salad or some carrot sticks.  In the afternoon, I’ll grab an apple.  With dinner, one or two kinds of cooked veggies. This still isn’t enough and what I am describing is a “perfect” day for me.  Most days I am only doing a portion of that.

WOW.  That’s hard for me to think about.  Am I really only getting a few servings every day?  What about my kids!?!

Our kids tastes are changing on a daily basis.  What may be their favourite food one day can very quickly turn to be something they won’t touch.  I have seen my daughter go 2 or 3 days without touching a veggie… well, until I finally break down, ad a piece of butter or some cheese sauce on top.  Well that’s sort of defeating the purpose isn’t it?

What about multi-vitamins??  I have heard this question over and over and wondered it myself.  I take a once a day vitamin… aren’t I covered with that?  NOPE.  It’s all great to take something but if your body is not absorbing it, then you aren’t getting the benefits.  I’ll talk more about that below.

I read some interesting information recently that said that we may just be the first generation to outlive our kids.  That they now make cholesterol medication for kids as young as 8 years old!  WHAT!?

We are learning more and more that genetics have a huge role in how we all turn out – however, we also know that many of those bad genes need to be activated.  Many of us carry the cancer gene, a diabetes gene or even one that can make our metabolism go screwy.  What we are learning is that a poor diet is the number one reason that bad genes activate.

Science lesson aside, everyone knows that our generation is just so busy. Our stress levels are at an all time high and so easy meals that are filling but low in nutritional content are so easily accessible.  Casseroles, crock-pot meals, sauces, fast food, pizza, cookies, juice… just a small list of the things we are all so incredibly guilty of eating way too much of.  Even the healthiest of these typically include veggies that have been cooked for hours and many nutrients are lost.

In the spring, I was introduced to a whole-food supplement that promised to help… a lot.  At first I thought it sounded a little sketchy as I had never heard of it before so I did what any of us would, came home and did my research.  I read a lot (the good comments and the bad).  One thing that kept me coming back to the idea of trying it out was seeing the growing list of doctors, Olympic athletes and parents who were becoming hooked.  Seeing the increasingly good results with the Children’s Health Study.

For any of you who like me, love the show “The Doctors”, I was impressed to see that Dr. Sears uses the product for himself and recommends it to his patients.  (here’s a little clip).

Studies on this product have shown that among other things, Juice+ will help give you:

  • Protection against cancer
  • Stronger immune system
  • Prevention of chronic illness
  • Protection against heart disease
  • Slows down the effects of aging

On the tv talk show Life Balance, they love this product so much they have featured it several times and rave about the benefits to your skin.  How studies have shown an increase in circulation below the skin after just 12 weeks of use.

So back to those vitamins. Vitamins are synthetic and not completely bio-available (meaning a lot of it does not absorb into your blood stream).  We must be taking in foods that are bio-available – which is uncooked raw fruits & veggies.  Studies show that the process to prepare Juice+ (a slow-dehydrating process) actually keep the nutrients bio-available so when you are taking this product, you can be confident that it’s actually going into your blood stream to be used by your body – to the point where a friend on the product explained that she finds if you take more than the recommended amount of the fruit product, you will find yourself spending an extra amount of time in the bathroom, just as if you had eaten too much fruit that day!!

Okay, so let’s talk cost.  I would have to say that initially, I had to do a double take when looking at the cost of the product.  However, you have to keep in mind  something huge.  This product is for those who are looking to increase their fruit & veggie intake.  If you were to go to the store and purchase all of the fruits & veggies that are needed to make up the benefits of this product, you’d be spending a lot more money.  I actually priced it out and what this supplement costs ever month, I would be spending every week at the grocery store.

It was when I started looking at it from that point of view that it clicked for me.  The point is not to replace fruit & veggies – the point is to bridge the gap between what you SHOULD be eating and what you ARE eating.

If you were to ask my husband what one of my main goals in life is, he will tell you that it’s to live a very long healthy life.  I actually have a goal to live to be 100.  HAHA!  I know it sounds silly but I want to be around for a long time, I want to see things and be amazed by the future.  I want to meet my great-great-grandchildren, with my mind still intact.  This has been my greatest motivation for the changes I’ve made.  They are still happening.  I do slip up.  I am not perfect.  However, all I have to do is remind myself of where I want to be.  Where I want my children to be.  It’s the kick in the butt that gets me back on track.

Do you want to know more or how you too can get this product?  Hit me up on Facebook and I will be happy to show you the research, answer your questions and explain how your kids can actually get theirs for free!   BTW, the kids version are gummies that I find taste like a jube-jube candy – haven’t heard of a kid yet that won’t take them.  🙂

xo J


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