Parenting Win or Fail?

I saw this posted on Facebook today and my first reaction was “WTG Mom”!  However, as I read it again, I began to realize I actually didn’t agree at all.

It seems we are seeing more and more examples of Facebook punishments lately.  The dad who shot his daughters laptop and the Mom who posted THIS picture on facebook, both as punishment for things that were posted on the site.  There are many more out there.

Many believe this is a great parenting method and are pledging to follow suit with their own kids.  I am all for tough-love but I think we’ve somehow lost the art of “the lesson” and this to me is border-line bullying.  Not only are they embarrassing these kids, they are practically giving out an open invitation for other kids in their school to tease and torment them.

I think “creative punishment” is needed in some situations but there are times when it’s a little too far.  When I was a teenager, the worst thing you could do to me was take away my privileges.  Back then, it was TV, computer, car, going to that concert/party/event.  Why not close down the facebook account?  Take away the car, computer, the cell phone, the MP3 player.  Ground them old-school style, give them a list of chores…  Teach them the lesson at home, in private.

By posting these videos/pictures, how are the kids being taught a lesson?  Two wrongs don’t make a right.  If your kid wrote nasty things on their Facebook page, isn’t us turning around and posting something like this is doing the exact same thing?

xo J



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