A New Year, Another Go!

First, I just wanted to wish everyone who celebrates a very Merry Christmas.  I’ve definitely been a bit MIA from the blog world for the last two weeks, even my Twitter account has been suffering!  Too much going on.  We have my hubby’s parents staying with us over the holidays, plus I have been working all week (even Christmas day).  Finally had some downtime this evening.  We still have 1 more Christmas to go on Jan 1st as my parents are away on holiday.

After sitting down to a huge plate of leftovers, followed by a piece of decadent chocolate cheesecake, my mind wandered to my belly.  I’m looking a little more like Santa this year.  Having had to take a hiatus from crossfit due to a pretty tedious neck problem, I’ve definitely lost a lot of motivation.  As we all know though, a new year means a new chance and I’m ready to take it head on.

Everyone has their own goals.  For some, it’s a weight goal, others fitness.  Some it’s just overall health.  Whatever we are promising ourselves this year, I know first hand how incredibly hard it can be to follow through.

Last year, along with weight loss, I made a resolution to just generally be healthier.  Although I definitely didn’t reach my weight loss goals, I feel awesome about how I did on the health side.  It isn’t 100% where I want us to be but we did pretty darn awesome!  2012 was the healthiest year in our home.  We were eating better, exercising more and saw a huge decrease in illnesses.  My son & husbands asthma has even improved tremendously.

I feel like that was a really good step in the right direction, however, the weight loss and fitness goals are still floating in my mind.  I don’t feel like I failed.  I just didn’t reach the point I had hoped to be.

weight lossSo, for 2013, I want to start off right.  I know many of you might agree so I’m putting a challenge out there for any of you with similar resolutions – health, wellness, fitness or weight loss (and anything in between).  Stay accountable to more than just yourself.  We tend to let ourselves slip a little too easily so it’s time to do this together.

I invite each of you to head over to my new DISCUSSION FORUM.  Or you can get to it by clicking on Discussions under Health & Wellness.  At this time I’ve only created the Weight Loss Buddies topics but if you would like to see more topics, please comment below and let me know!!

Start posting an introduction any time, however the “official” start will of course be, Jan 1st.  I’m going to create weekly topics where we can discuss how our week went. Feel free to post as often as you’d like.  I know for me, one of my greatest successes in weight loss was when I was tracking every day.  Make it a resolution to write everything down, either to yourself or even use the discussion forum!  The key (and huge part of the Challenge) will be to write every single week.   What are you doing?  Where did you slip up?  How can you avoid that in the future.

Whatever your plans this New Years Eve, please be safe!

xo J


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