The skinny on MLM

It’s no shock that I work for an MLM company.  If you aren’t familiar with the term, MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing.  It’s a type of sales that is meant for products that would normally do poorly on store shelves because they are typically made of high quality materials, something that is hard to showcase on it’s own.  There is a bit of a misconception that has led to a lot of negative feedback about these types of business (they are often confused with “pyramid scam”) but in reality, you can actually make some good money with these businesses, and there are many who actually do it full time.  The issue (and where people fail) is those that sign up looking for a quick way to make big money with not effort.  As easy as people try to tell you it is, it’s not free money.  You do work for it and you will get back what you put into it.  I do make more per hour with both of my businesses than I make with  my 9-5 job but I keep my job because I need the guaranteed steady income and I’m still fairly new to MLM sales.  My number one pet peeve is when people post vague ads trying to recruit, or the pay seems too good to be true.  I prefer to be upfront.

So how much do you really make??

I can only speak for the two companies I work for and how much I put into them.  What I make fluctuates each month, depending on how much time I spend working, interest, time of year.  I think it depends on the goals you set for yourself. I am pretty busy so how much time I spend on my business’ varies.  I am happy if I can make enough to cover my car payment each month ($475).  Anything extra is a nice bonus which goes into our trip fund for our next family vacation.

With Norwex, it’s pretty simple.  35% commission on sales.  The money is direct deposited into your bank account.  As it’s mostly based on parties, I make about $150-$200 per party, total amount of work including booking, prep, travel and the actual party is about 4-5 hours although I’m getting so good at it that It is closer to 3-4 now.

With Juice+, since it’s a virtual franchise, it’s a bit different and it depends on a lot of factors.  You get commission plus a piece of the profit, but then it depends on how many customers you have, if you have started your own team or are going solo, etc.  As I only started about 6 weeks ago, I’ve only received my first paycheque so far which was based on my first 5 customers.  That paycheque was $150 in commission and profit – that’s probably the cheapest paycheque I will ever see from them as 5 sales is pretty low.  I put in about 5 hours work in total to get those sales.  $30/hr is pretty decent!  After your first couple of months, the average distributor makes about $500 a month if you keep organized and set aside dedicated time each week to work.

Then there are bonus’.  Norwex typically offers product bonus’.  Sell so much, you get free products.  Each month it changes.  Sometimes it’s products from the catalogue, sometimes it’s free products that will help you with your business (such as rolling bags, more catalogues, samples, etc).

Juice+ offers cash incentives.  So my first incentive I worked towards was for $300, then there are more above that.  You can work to the point where you can begin earning a salary, and even be eligible for a benefits program.  I would say it’s more of a long-term company, where you plan to build your business up and the more you do, the more money you make.

Lastly is team members.  It’s called Multi-Level Marketing for a reason and this is due to the team building aspect.  If you join my team, I will make money off of your sales as well – however, my responsibility grows because I now need to make sure you have everything you need for your business to be successful.  It’s an added duty that is actually a lot of fun!

How much do you have to pay upfront?

For Norwex, the sign up cost to join was $60.  So immediately you are out money but this is standard with most companies.  In return, you are going to get at least that in value back right away in products and materials (which will be in your mailbox within days of payment).  The retail value of the samples I received were worth $60 and then on top of that, I received all of my training materials, first set of catalogues and order forms and my website.  Everything I needed to get started.  With Juice+ (which isn’t exactly an MLM but is very similar), the cost was $50 and again, I received more than that in training materials, DVD’s, even a nice USB key with all of the forms on it so I can print more out as needed.

I personal do not regret joining either company.  They are two completely different companies, I have a blast with both.  If you are more into the party-based system, I highly recommend Norwex.  If you are more of a 1×1 type of person, then definitely Juice+ is the way to go.  Or be like me and do both!  Because apparently I’m not nearly busy enough  😉  lol

So of course I do need to finish off by plugging myself.  If you are interested in making extra income and either of these companies seem like something you’d want to learn more about, then please contact me!  Come visit my Juice Plus website or my Norwex facebook group.  Email or message me and we can chat!!  You do not need to be local to me to join my team.  I promise to help you every step of the way because when you are successful, I am successful!

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