Things I learned last week

Last week I was on my own – hubby was on a business trip and so I was on single-parent duty for the week.  With the cold weather settling in nicely, my daughter home from school with a fever and my son getting in a fight with an older student, we had our fair share of drama up in this house.  However, I did learn some valuable lessons this week.

  • Seasonal depression actually exists and I think I’ve caught a really bad case of it
  • A good wine is a great temporary cure to the above
  • Good friends can always sense when you need a pick-me-up
  • My kids can sense it too
  • I can actually survive well on 1200 calories a day… as long as I choose those calories wisely
  • I don’t drink nearly enough water
  • Healthy eating actually does transfer to the kids
  • My son is more like my husband than I ever thought possible
  • A good cry is worth 100 hours in therapy
  • Great ideas can strike at any moment
  • My daughter has developed an “I can’t” attitude and I’m not sure how to turn it around
  • I have a newfound respect for single parents
  • I need my husband
  • I am still a great mom

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