Streamlining school lunches

There are a few daily tasks that I really don’t enjoy or just find annoying. Making lunches is definitely up there! Hubby and I have lunch duties on our chore chart. We basically alternate nights and we stick to the schedule very well.

However, I was still looking for ways to improve. So I asked for advice on my FB page and Twitter. Some fantastic ideas came in, some that will work great for us!  Many suggestions of easy healthy items I can bake and freeze. I will have to do a whole other post about those. Suggestions to have the kids make their own lunches (great idea I may implement later), prepping snack boxes, freezing sandwiches, making homemade fruit salad…

I decided to start with snack boxes. Digging through the fridge or pantry to find suitable snacks is a big part of the annoyance of making lunches every night. I hit our local dollar store and purchased 4 bins (2 for dry foods, 2 for fridge items). On Sunday afternoon, I did my prep. In total, it took about 20 minutes and when I finished, I had a weeks worth of healthy snacks prepped and bagged for the week. Each kid even gets their own box.


For dry items, I bagged up crackers and some fantastic gluten-free coconut-bran “cookies”.


Fridge snacks included cheddar cheese, grapes, carrots and cucumbers.

With the snack bins complete, that just leaves the main item. We usually either make a sandwich or use left overs from dinner.  Sometimes I will do up a cold pasta salad.  However, I don’t mind that part at all – and the kids like to put in their requests before going to bed. 🙂

So far both hubby and I have had our turn on lunch night and we both agree that these bins are genius! Making lunch takes much less time and is actually enjoyable.

How do you do school lunches? Do you prep in advance or just make them daily?



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