My son won’t hug me in public

My son is 7 1/2.  I like to add the 1/2 because I feel like 8 is such a “growing up” age and he’s really heading to it with a running start.

He’s still my light.  He makes me smile and laugh on a daily basis.  He’s smart… oh boy he’s so smart.  He’s also stubborn (wonder where he gets that from…) LOL

One thing I was not expecting from him though, at least not this young, is that he genuinely cares about how he is perceived by others.  This can be good and bad…

Bad for me…

My son won’t hug me in public.

The first time he pulled away caught me by surprise.  The way his eyes immediately began looking in every direction at once, making sure no one was watching my attempt.  I laughed and shrugged it off.

But in reality I was hurt.

My baby boy, the same boy who would lay in my arms for hours, who would run to me with open arms every time I walked into a room, was now embarrassed of me.  I’ve been through thick and thin with this child already and this was still high on the pain-scale.

How did this happen?  Because really, it felt like it changed overnight.

My husband even had to stop me from trying to hug him after his drama club performance at school.  I’m a walking time-bomb of embarrassment!  It begins.

I do accept it… it was bound to happen.  But that doesn’t mean I have to like it.  Yes, it means he’s growing up and figuring out his place in the world.  Over the years, I know there will be more.  Especially with my daughter in her teens.  I remember walking in the mall 10 feet away from my parents in case someone I knew happened to be there.

Karma is a b…..

However there is something surprisingly awesome that comes out of this new development.  When he does let me hug him, it’s all that much better!  I can still sneak one at bedtime and when we are sitting on the couch, he will still scoot in close to me and lean on my arm.   So I guess I will enjoy these little moments for as long as I can.

At least my 4 year old daughter still hugs me whenever and wherever we are… for now!  😉

xo J






2 thoughts on “My son won’t hug me in public

  1. Great post. My husband make the same complain. Out 6 yr old daughter refuse a hug. But as I always told him, don’t worry the hugs will come back 🙂

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