Pasta Sauce a la hidden veggies

As parents I think we are always trying to find ways to give our kids extra veggies.  Mine are usually pretty good about eating theirs… on a good day.  They still have their moments though so I do tend to try and find ways to hide them into many dishes I make, just to be sure.

Their favourite dish by far is pasta, especially spaghetti sauce.  While I will often chop up assorted veggies to put in the sauce, I do find that after they are done, half of the chunks of veggies are left on the plate, having never made it into their mouths.  Also, its hard to keep up as one day they may claim to love a veggie and the next they claim to hate it.

My secret is the food processor.  Not really a secret so much as they watch and sometimes help me make it, but for some reason I get no complaints when I make my pasta sauce this way.

You can do this with pretty much any combination of veggies.  The tomato sauce pretty much outweighs the taste of anything else you add so it’s a perfect way to get some added nutrients in.   Tonight I chose:

Spinach, yellow pepper, carrot and mushrooms.

Then put them in the mini food processor which gave me this:


Then I simply added this to the cooked ground beef:



Added my sauce:



And voila!  Pasta that has those extra servings of veggies hidden within!



Do you have any dishes you like to hide veggies in?



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