Stress makes me a better housekeeper

stressWhen life is going fantastic, my house is a mess.

There’s laundry.  Dishes.  Messy rooms.  Dirty floors.  You name it.

We all know life is a series of ups and downs.  When things are up, I’m happy and content.  Bills are paid, our calendar is organized, the shopping is done… it’s like I am then wearing glasses that blind me from what is happening right around me because everything else is going so well.

Give me some stress though, then oh boy, I become a domesticated diva.  There’s a reason that all of my greatest accomplishments when it comes to chores happens in the late evening – because it completely correlates to how my day went.

If you hear about me scrubbing my floors with a toothbrush, most likely I spent the morning in a meeting with the principal at my kids school.

Reorganized my cupboards?  I checked the mail earlier and the entire months bills all came in on the same day.

And if I spent the evening baking?  Walk away, very slowly… Mama is about 1 inch from having a complete meltdown due to a combination of work woes, whiny kids and hubby having to work overtime.

I guess it isn’t the worst reaction in the world…    😉



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