Dear Baseball Dad

Last night Rookie Select tryouts resumed and the kids all seemed very excited.  I was excited for them.  Spring is upon us and that means baseball, the sport that many young boys watch and dream to one day play in the pros.  As children, they hold a raw love of the game, without politics or bias.  They simply love to watch and they love to play even more.

baseballWhile I watched my son doing his very best playing catch with your son during tryouts, I was standing behind you and was shocked when you said “Who is this kid?  He can’t even catch”!  My jaw dropped and I wasn’t sure what to say, I sort of stood there in disbelief.  You continued to complain about how he shouldn’t even be there and somehow I muttered out the words “He’s my son” and I walked away.  I don’t even know if you heard me but I know your wife did.  I was furious but just didn’t want to start a scene in front of the kids.  My son had a big smile on his face and so after a moment in the hall to compose myself, I went back in, smiling back at him.

I watched and yes, your kid and most of the other kids in that gym were catching better than my son.  That’s great.  He will probably make the team.  That’s fantastic.  Honestly, it’s great.

It still doesn’t give you the right to openly talk about the other KIDS that way.  Think it in your head.  Don’t say it out loud.  You are so lucky that only a few parents heard you and that the kids didn’t, although now I have to wonder if you talk this way in front of your kid as well?

Whether or not you think my son should even be there, does it really matter?

At the end of last season, our coach approached us and said that she felt our son would benefit from trying out for the Select team as he was a bit bored on the regular house league team.  I brought this idea to my son who was thrilled to be asked, and as he has an older friend who made the team last year, he was pumped.

I will be honest, chances are, he won’t make the team this year.   I’ve already had this discussion with him after seeing the other kids.  In a very positive way of course, I explained that many of the kids trying out already have a year of Rookie under their belt so they have skills and experience that he doesn’t.  I explained that even if he didn’t make the team, the coach will remember how hard he worked and when he tries out again next year, he will remember that.  My son was very happy with this and still gave it his all while having a great time.

As I sit here though, thinking about your comment I can only realize and accept that people like you exist in the world.  It’s sad but it’s true.  I can’t start a scene because if my son happens to make the team, or our kids are put on the same houseleague team, I will be seeing you 2-3 times a week all summer.  I am going to suck it up and get over it.  I’m going to continue to smile at my son, even when he drops the ball.




One thought on “Dear Baseball Dad

  1. Wow some people are so rude. Congrats to you for taking the high road. Your son will definitely learn from this.

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