Around the World Project

Calling all bloggers (or cool families who just want to take part)!  We need some help with a project!  Sitting with my oldest who is 7, we were trying to think of something fun to do to this year as a family project.  We are calling this the “Around the World Project”.  We don’t know how far we’ll be able to go, but our goal is to reach as many towns, cities & countries as possible!

So what is the Around the World Project??

We have picked a special friend named Milton the Moose – who we want to send on a well deserved vacation around the world.  He’s not very big in size but is looking forward to big adventures with other families from around the globe.

The idea is simple – let me know you are interested in taking part by reaching out to me on either Twitter or Facebook.  Once we get a good list going, Milton will begin his journey.  He will travel by mail to the first family who will keep him for up to 1 week.  During that time, we ask that you document his time with you, through photos or video and write a short journal entry from Milton’s point of view.  Get creative!  Included with him will be the address of his next location.  Once he’s completed his visit with you, simply mail him to the next family.

The plan is to link up every blog on the journey – so not only will this be a fun project for the family, it will be an epic story with each chapter told on a different blog!

Please share this page with other mom bloggers you know, the more who sign up, the better the chances that Milton will get to visit as many countries and cities around the world as possible!





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